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Randall Carpio is a main character on Netflix original series The Order. He is portrayed by Adam DiMarco.

Randall is an RA at Belgrave University and a member of the Knights of Saint Christopher. He currently wears the werewolf hide, Greybeard.


During his freshman year at Belgrave University, Randall was out for a run when he saw a man try to kidnap a child from a playground. Randall apprehended the man and held him down long enough for the authorities to arrive. Hamish Duke saw this act of heroism and decided to extend an offer for Randall to join The Knights of Saint Christopher. Randall agreed since he believed he would be getting superpowers and was brought to the Hide locker where Greybeard chose Randall as his champion.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In Season One, Randall befriends Jack and helps him with werewolf hunting with Jack unaware of Randall's secret identity of Greybeard hide. When Jack then becomes the werewolf Silverback, it is Randall who protects him from being killed by the other knights and is inevitably the reason Jack eventually joins the Knights Of Saint Christopher.


Randall is the most cheerful and immature of the Knights, which leads him to be the joker of the group. Like his companions, he dedicates his life to the cause of fighting against evil magic, affirming that for him it is like being a superhero. His lack of experience often leads him to be more impulsive and make bad decisions, but these are always motivated by his big heart. Randall always thinks of others before him, especially in his friends, a trait that sometimes brings problems.

Powers and Abilities


  • Werewolf Transformation: Randall is able to transform into a werewolf.
  • Magic Detection: Randall is able to detect magic.
  • Enhanced Senses: Randall has enhanced senses since he has worn the Hide for quite some time.


Hamish Duke

Hamish and Randall have a close relationship as friends and fellow Knights. Being Hamish the most mature of the group and Randall the most immature and inexperienced, Hamish usually takes the role of big brother with Randall. He is always willing to help you no matter what. In season two, they kiss, and it is hinted to a mild crush being present.

Lilith Bathory- old lover

Lilith frequently locks up Randall like a fool, but always with the confidence of a friend and partner. Over time, Lilith comes to appreciate him a lot, even admitting that she is in love with him. After kissing him during the battle against The Order, Lilith smiled cheerfully, which surprised Hamish.

Jack Morton

Randall and Jack became friends since the latter's arrival in Belgrave. Often they went out together to drink and Jack came to have the confidence to tell him about his supernatural experiences. When Jack became a werewolf, Randall was the most dedicated to him joining the Knights, even at the rejection of Jack. When Jack died for half a day, Randall was the most affected, breaking into tears.

Gabrielle Dupres- Girlfriend

Randall and Gabrielle are currently dating. They first got close when Gabrielle helped Randall and Hamish defeat Foley. Foley attacked her and Randall stayed behind to look after her. At first Gabrielle was confused on why he cared enough to look after her and on why he was being so nice to her. That was only just the beginning of their beautiful chaotic relationship. They started to get closer and eventually started to date after a party, the relationship was new so they were still trying to figure out how to make each other happy in this new relationship. There had come difficulties, of Randall not telling Gabby, his girlfriend that it was him and his friends that had robbed the order. To add more problems, Randall and Jack has plans to bring back Lilith which Gabby heard and was mad at Randall for this as she thought that he had made it clear what actually matters to him for she thought he didn't care about her and loved Lilith. Her Jealously started to show when Randall saw that she was upset and told her that he does care for her but she said when they get Lilith back that he can go back to pinning over her. Randall said Gabby is good enough to be in wolf pack just too insecure to see it which she got mad and walked away but Randall said that is not what he meant and didn't mean it. Later Gabby goes to hides locker and tries to destroys Lilith's one for she does not want to loose Randall but she stops herself. Randall finds her passed out and carries her as midnight had just bonded with her she just waiting to make an entrance. After the aftermath of midnight possessing her, killing Allyssa. When she reaches her human form Gabby is covered in blood and sees Randall, he gives her his jacket and she sobbed into his arms. Randall comforting her bringing their relationship closer. They trust and care for each other a lot more now.

Alyssa Drake

Ruby Speers


Season 1


  • Randall is a biology major on a pre-med track.
  • It is implied that Randall is bisexual due to the fact that he says "Hot and Hotter" when referring to Gabrielle Dupres and Brandon and Hamish saying "No. And he wishes" when asked if he was in a relationship with Lilith or Randall...
  • Member of the Knight of St Christopher
  • Takes the hide of greybeard
  • He is currently dating Gabrielle Dupres
  • He killed Kepler to save Lilith from the demon realm.