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Jack Morton is a main character on the Netflix original series The Order. He is portrayed by Jake Manley.

Jack is the son of Chloe Morton and Edward Coventry, the grandson of Pete Morton and half brother of Maddox Coventry. He is a freshman college student at Belgrave University and a recruit who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and later, becomes a Knight of Saint Christopher.

He is the current champion and wearer of the werewolf hide Silverback, and the former champion of Midnight.


Jack was born to Chloe Morton after her relationship with Edward Coventry- though Edward was unaware of his birth. At some point in his youth, his mother committed suicide due to the unrequited love she felt for Edward. Jack was then raised by his grandfather. At some point in his life, he was part of the Boy Scouts, where he had the nickname "Pee Pants" due to an accident involving another boy hitting him in the groin.

Judging by the books and various awards stacked in his bedroom, Jack appeared to be a high achiever in school.

Jack is a college freshman who first tries to become a member of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. By doing this, he hopes to exact his revenge on Edward Coventry, his father, and Grand Magus.[1]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Although initially rejected, Jack receives a magically-altered letter of acceptance to Belgrave University as part of the Class of 2023. While a note of contention among Order members, considering that despite his inability to afford the tuition fees, Jack has displayed several academic achievements, was student council president, and was also a track-and-field champion.

Before enrolling as a student at Belgrave, Jack lived with his maternal grandfather Pete. Together, they spent years formulating a plan to get close to Jack's father, Edward Coventry who is unaware of his existence. Acceptance into Belgrave was essential to join the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society rumored to have fostered celebrities, politicians, and other members of the elite. Pete and Jack wanted to use the resources and the connection to the Order to help them in their plight.

While visiting his mother's grave, Jack opens a thin envelope containing a rejection letter. However, the words on the page begin to change, transitioning into a letter of acceptance, granting Jack a full scholarship, along with a living allowance and residency.

Upon arriving on campus, Jack is immediately abducted by the Fraternal Brotherhood of Sigma Sigma Delta. Although instructed to drink from a goblet of diluted blood and to commit himself to their group, Jack refuses to join citing that he's "holding out for another organization".

As he moves into his dorm, Jack meets his RA, Randall Carpio, and his roommate, Clayton Turner. Clay quickly establishes himself with existential questionings of life and death. As he leaves the room, Clay tells Jack not to touch any of his belongings. Randall gives Jack a standard Freshman welcome package, which includes a map of campus. As Jack sees Randall to the door, he notices that the student, Weston, living in the room across from him had received a blue rose along with a small letter.

While attending the Freshman orientation tour, Jack approaches Weston and his friend, Gregory to ask for more information about the rose and acceptance into the Order. Weston refuses to answer, acting aggressively in response. Weston attempts to swing a punch at Jack, only for Jack to dodge it and the multiple punches that follow. Eventually, Jack manages to grab hold of Weston and push him to the ground.

As their tour coordinator approaches, the two break up the fight, with Weston and Gregory leaving abruptly. Jack apologizes to the tour guide, Alyssa Drake, and listens as she makes her introductory remarks.

Jack quickly begins to question Alyssa on Belgrave's history, revealing himself to be more informed than her. Irritated, Alyssa questions whether Jack wanted to lead the group instead, to which he accepts. Jack takes the position of tour guide, informing the group more about the University and the various buildings on campus. Jack also takes the time to mention the various ghosts that haunt Belgrave Hall and the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

After the tour concludes, Alyssa remarks on Jack's impressive knowledge about Belgrave, which he attributes to a fanatic grandfather who used to work at the University. She also dismisses the Order, stating that it's "fake news".

As Jack settles into life at Belgrave, he is approached by Belgrave administrator Chancellor Stone and Detective Hayashi. They question him about the recent death of Weston. The detective investigates Jack's involvement in the boy's death, mentioning the fight that had broken between the two. Jack affirms that he was merely defending himself and that there was evidence on YouTube and Alyssa.

As the two leave, Jack finds a blue rose with a letter saying "Dusk. Kneebend Trail" atop his bed. Following its instructions, Jack finds a group of seven students at the trail, quickly making friends with one of them, Amir, before being approached by cloaked figures with white masks.

The masked figures tell the group that they are now considered "Neophytes", and that they are less than nothing. While seven of them were summoned, only three would be able to advance.

The group is ordered to find a gold coin. Taking more than one or informing others of its location will result in disqualification. They are told to find the coin by night five, and that they only have 24 hours. Jack recognizes one of the cloaked figures as Alyssa.

Meanwhile, Jack returns to regular school-life, attending "Introduction to Ethics", taught by Eric Clarke. When discussing the death of Weston, Eric wonders how Jack feels about the situation, and Jack says he feels guilty, that Weston's death provided an opportunity to Jack that he might not have had, alluding to his invitation into the Order. Eric compliments Jack on his honesty.

During class, Jack manages to link "night five" to "knight five", and begins to search under the giant chessboard on campus to no luck. Alyssa approaches him. As they start an impromptu game of chess, Jack tries to fish for more information about the Order to no avail. However, before they part ways, Alyssa cryptically says that the English building is on the other side of campus and that if he has a map, he should use it.

Inspired, Jack uses the map to locate point "N-5", which leads him to an abandoned building. Jack finds one of the other freshmen from the group with serious injuries to his arm, the other freshman attempts to disqualify Jack, informing him of the location of the coin.

Jack enters the building, finding the coin in a cage with a mutant-rat-monster. Jack can determine that noise startles the mutant-rat and causes it to attack. Jack carefully and quietly extracts the coin from the cage. The other student recovers from his injuries and attempts to force Jack to hand the coin to him. The cloaked figures disqualify the other student for his inability to retrieve the coin himself. They blow Pulveris memoria into his eyes, causing him to fall back unconscious.

Physical Appearance[]

Jack has medium-length, straight, brown hair. He has blue eyes and a strong, dimpled chin. Jack is typically clean-shaven, and sports multiple layers of clothes.

Due to his poor upbringing, Jack typically wears more 'rustic' clothing, consisting of faded denim jackets, flannels, and solid-colored T-shirts. He was made fun of for only owning one pair of jeans.

Jack bears no resemblance to his father, apart from the color of their eyes. After getting his memory erased by Alyssa, Jack began dating Gabrielle, who convinced him to dye his hair blond. Shortly before breaking up with her, he dyed his hair back to its natural brunette color.


Jack Morton is at heart a good person, brave and selfless. Jack frequently visits the grave of mother and lives to make her proud. From a young age, Jack has strived to avenge the death of mother by bringing to justice his father, Edward Coventry, as a goal that he and his grandfather shared. His inquisitive mind and tendency to leap without looking is greatest strength and weakness. Jack is intellectually gifted, highly observant and blessed with a sharp memory, which enabled him to gain entrance into the Hermitic Order of the Blue Rose with ease and pass all tests. He is sometimes a little bit too aggressive in his approach but he is not a bully. Jack has shown strong leadership abilities in the Order of St Christopher, despite being its newest member and was able to persuade its members not to kill people unnecessarily. Another characteristic that sets him apart, is that he has a strong sense of right and wrong, which allows him to recover from his mistakes, for example, when he used a glamour for self-gain in Season 1.

Powers and Abilities[]


Since he has only recently practiced magic Jack has only performed a handful of spells. His first spell was a glamour that let him pass pieces of paper off as money. He also has shown a talent for performing spells successfully with little practice or grasp of it, such as when he brought back the golem Clay despite only seeing the runes from glances. His most powerful spell to date was the one used to blow up the werewolf experimentation lab. Alyssa Drake speculated that his werewolf hide amplified his magical abilities. Upon losing his memory, Jake has forgotten everything he learned about magic and the Order. After getting his memories back, Jack has continued to learn magic while under the orders teaching. he was able to successfully perform a transfer spell to steal a sigil from Alyssa’s hand. he also showed skill in performing rituals as shown when he, Lilith, and Hamish summoned Zecchia to rob the order for them.

Werewolf []

Jack became a werewolf after he was chosen to be the champion of Silverback. This gave him the ability to transform into a werewolf, giving him tremendous strength and power. As a werewolf, Jack can detect magic and use this ability to track anyone who is performing dark magic. Being a werewolf also strengthens his magic allowing him to perform stronger spells. Jack lost the spirit of Silverback and is now bonded to the spirit of Midnight. Since Silverback was said to be the most powerful of the Hides, Jack's werewolf powers may be significantly weaker. when Silverback and Midnight fought for him as their champion, jack was forced to choose which hide he wanted and what kind of person he wanted to be. After realizing he wanted the power of the wolf and the mercy of a human, Jack once again became the champion of Silverback.

Hand-to-hand combat

Jack is a capable fighter as seen various times. He is capable of taking down several enemies at once especially with his powers giving him an edge.


Chloe Morton[]

Pete Morton[]

Edward Coventry[]

His biologic father and nemesis through the entire season one. Jack has a lot of resentment towards Edward for being the reason his mother killed herself, but not as much as his grandfather did, at the begining. After he saw how Edward made explote Pete's body made Jack hatred increase.

Alyssa Drake[]

She is a college student, university tour guide and a medicum of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Alyssa is Jack's main love interest. They have a complicated relationship, but they're constantly attracted to each other.


He was a college student, and one of the neophytes of the Order. Amir was Jack's first friend at Belgrave University. Both him and Jack participated in the trials in order to become a member, only Amir succeeded. Later, he was killed by Jack's roommate, Clay.

Randall Carpio[]

Jack's RA, friend, and fellow member of the Knights of Saint Christopher. He's generally one of Jack's drinking buddies, before and after joining the knights. He's a laidback guy that Jack got along with even before joining the knights.

Hamish Duke[]

The most senior member of the Knights of Saint Christopher, who was one of the skeptics of him joining the Knights, along with Lilith. Despite his more cold and calculating demeanor clashing with some others in the Knights, Jack being one of them. But due to his cocktail-making prowess, they can always bond over nice cocktail afterwards.

Lilith Bathory[]

While initially opposed to Jack joining the Knights of Saint Christopher, Lilith warmed up to him over time. Eventually, they were a good terms, even if her attitude is in disagreement on occasion.

Vera Stone[]

She is the current Grand Magus of The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose , her relation to Jack is mysterious, but she seems to like him somewhat. He disobeys her orders frequently, but throughout it is clear she has a soft spot for him.


One of the original Kyle disliked Jack and set him up on a fake final test to make sure he would not get inducted.


Clay used to be Jack's dorm mate until he unveiled himself as a golem.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • Jack was student council president and a champion of his high school track team.
  • In the New World Order, Part 2, it is revealed that he was going to go into Marine Biology.